Available directly:

Habel Hymns Volume One: Songs to Celebrate with Creation
C. Norman Habel 2004.  $20.00.

Habel Hymns Volume Two: Songs to Share with Those who Suffer
C. Norman Habel 2006.    $20.00

Job, Jennifer and Jesus: A journey of spiritual healing –  for those who know senseless suffering and spiritual abuse
C. Norman Habel  2006  $10.00

A resource book for use in private or at retreats! Suitable especially, as the title says, for people who have experienced senseless suffering in their lives or spiritual abuse at the hands of the church or church leaders.  The journey takes the sufferer through the 8 stages of suffering experienced by Job, moving from denial and despair to hope and healing.

Seven Songs of Creation: Liturgies for Celebrating and Healing Earth. Pilgrim Press, Cleveland, 2004 $30.00.

A resource book that introduces seven liturgies that focus on seven dimensions of creation—Earth, land, sky, waters, Sophia, life and healing.

The Earth Files. Biblical Sources for Exploring our Spiritual Connections with Earth.  Norman C. Habel, 2007.  $10.00

A Bible Study workbook in 10 chapters for exploring the spiritual in nature through relevant biblical texts.

Rainbow Spirit Theology.  By Rainbow Spirit Elders. Reprinted by Australian Theological Forum, Adelaide. c. 2000 Rainbow Spirit Elders.  Also available from

This is a reprint of a unique reading of key aspects of the Christian faith in the light of the traditional Aboriginal culture of the Rainbow Spirit Elders of Queensland.  It was my privilege to be the scribe for this unique volume.