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Why on Earth do you Still Read the Bible? A Lifetime of Lenses. Published in 2016 by Morning Star Publishing:

This book traces the numerous ways in which I have interpreted the Bible during my lifetime, employing historical, literary, cultural and ecological methodologies.

Why on Earth do you Still Wonder about God? Dancing with Doubt. Published in 2018 by Morning Star Publishing:

The third volume in this series outlines how my understanding of ‘God’ has radically changed from the time of my childhood to my ecological conversion.

Why on Earth are you Still a Lutheran? Memoirs of a Heretic. Published in 2016 by Morning Star Publishing:

This book includes scenes from my life as a Lutheran, facing charges of heresy, living in exile, searching for that elusive mystery that lies behind the Lutheran jargon that cluttered my world and exploring the enigmas involved in trying to interpret the Bible.

Finding Wisdom in Nature. An Eco-Wisdom Reading of the Book of Job. Published by Sheffield Phoenix Press in 2014. Contact Bloomsbury Press who have taken over recent Sheffield books.

This text is a new volume in the Earth Bible Commentary series employing a revised ecological hermeneutic appropriate for a book in the Wisdom Literature of the ancient world.

Discerning Wisdom in God’s Creation: Following the Way of Ancient Scientists. Published by Morning Star Publishing, 2015.

This monograph outlines how the wise, the ancient scientists of early biblical days, discerned Wisdom as a natural force in the primordial, the laws of nature and the inner drive of living creatures. (More details…)

Tree Whisper. The Story of Wilhelm Habel. Published by Morning Star Publishing, 2013.

This volume is a historical novel about the life of my great grandfather Wilhelm Habel who resonated with nature in a remarkable way and challenged me to reconnect with creation. (More details…)

Rainbow of Mysteries: Meeting the Sacred in Nature. CopperHouse, Canada, 2012.

This book is the story of how, over the years, I have experienced the sacred in seven mysteries of nature and discovered a whole new dimension to my faith. Also available from Mediacom SA:

The Birth, the Curse and the Greening of Earth: An Ecological Reading of Genesis 1-11. Sheffield Phoenix, 2011.

This volume is a sequel to the Earth Bible series and the first volume in a new Earth Bible Commentary series which employs an ecological hermeneutic in the reading of the biblical text.

The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary. Fortress Press, 2011.

This book provides an introduction and preaching materials for the cycle of readings for the Season of Creation. See

An Inconvenient Text: Is a Green Reading of the Bible Possible? ATF Press, 2009. Also available in Australia via

This volume seeks to demonstrate that many texts in the Bible are grey rather than green. A challenging new eco-reading of selected biblical texts!

Exploring Ecological Hermeneutics. SBL, 2009.
Available via SBL

In this volume I introduce the latest approach to reading the Bible from an ecological perspective, developed especially in Australia, and edit a range of articles by international scholars using this approach.

Reconciliation: Searching for Australia’s Soul. HarperCollins, 1999. Reprinted by ATF Press in 2009.  Contact

This book explores the vision of reconciliation for Australia and my own painful journey as I move through biblical precedents to the wounds of Australia’s history. The Healing Rites at Seven Sites (in the Appendix) are still celebrated during Lent in some churches.

The Land is Mine: Six Biblical Land Ideologies. Overtures to Biblical Theology. Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 1995 $30.00

An analysis of six different ways land is understood by the various writers and traditions of the Old Testament. I still have copies.