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Discerning Wisdom in God’s Creation

Discerning Wisdom

 “..Observe the way of the ant and be wise.” Prov. 6.6

Where can Wisdom be found? Job 28.12

Wisdom is usually associated with profound knowledge acquired over time. In ancient times, however, wisdom was also discerned as a force or factor of nature. Wisdom was not only found in human minds but also in God’s creation.

The wise of biblical times — as distinct from prophets, priests and kings — were tantamount to the ‘scientists’ of their day. And like scientists, they had a way of discerning wisdom in creation that involved the rational steps of observation, analysis and discernment.

The classic question posed by the wise was: Where can wisdom be found? Or more precisely: Where and how can wisdom be discerned in nature? Or in contemporary terms: And how might we follow the approach of ancient scientists and find innate wisdom ‘wired’ in nature today?

Following the way of Ancient Scientists
Norman Habel
Morning Star Publishing

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