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Consultancies 1Over the years I have been involved in many areas of education, theology, Biblical studies, social justice, spirituality and worship and can still provide fresh ideas in these areas.
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His main areas for consultancies and workshops in recent years have been:

Connecting spiritually with Earth! In a series of workshops or times of reflection, we explore spiritual stages on a journey home to Earth, based on Earth memories, Earth awareness and Earth texts in the Bible. We close with a Rite of Homecoming.

A Rainbow Covenant: A Model for Earth Mission! In a series of workshops we work towards a community, congregation or body developing a mission to Earth, by making a covenant with Earth based on the precedent of the Creator who made a covenant with Earth after the Flood.

Green and Grey Texts! Re-Reading the Bible from an Earth Perspective. I run workshops or courses based on the model found in my book, An Inconvenient Text. The aim is to develop the skills to employ an ecological hermeneutic, that is, read the Bible from the perspective of Earth so as to discern the
voice of Earth in the text.

Job, Jennifer and Jesus: These are workshops or retreats for groups or communities who may have suffered deep loss or spiritual abuse. Each person in the group is invited to follow the 8 stages of abuse, suffering and hope experienced by Job and similar sufferers like Jennifer and Jesus. This process is also helpful for chaplains and others who deal with people in great pain or who have suffered abuse at the hands of the church or religion.

Grihini, Dalits and Social Justice: a presentation using the DVD Chellammal, an Untouchable Woman, to introduce the social injustice experienced by the poor under the caste system of India and the way the Grihini program in the Hills of South India seeks to empower young women to change their lives and their mountain villages.