Grihini – Sponsorship

A Class of Grihinis Sponsored by Friends of Grihini

A Class of Grihinis Sponsored by Friends of Grihini

The Grihini program is dependent on sponsors such as the Friends of Grihini. There is no outside organisation or body who controls the past or present Grihini operations through its funding. That means the social justice aims and vision of the Grihini Community College will continue into the future as they have in the past. That also means there is no ‘middle man’ to take part of the money given. All sponsorship monies are channelled directly to Grihini through the Australian Lutheran World Service and are tax deductible. The information on how to sponsor a Grihini is also provided on this website. If you are interested in more information, please contact

Norman Habel (

or Janice Orrell (

If you are interested is having you organisation or school become a sponsor, you are free to use the materials on this website, or contact Norman Habel and Janice Orrell for other options and materials.


A Grihini Mother who now insists that her child will get a good education

A Grihini Mother who now insists that her child will get a good education


Friends of Grihini Since 1987, Grihini has been funded primarily though the friends of Grihini. These friends include people we know, women’s groups such as the CWA, schools, churches and individuals who have a serious commitment to supporting the hopes of poor and poorly educated women in places like the remote villages of Tamil Nadu. The Hackett Foundation In recent years, Grihini has received a substantial sum from the Hackett Foundation (SA) which supports the education of disadvantaged women in a range of locations around the globe. ALWS The Australian Lutheran World Service supports Grihini by providing the agency for channelling funds, security and tax deductibility in Australia. Sacred Heart College Over the years, the Jesuits of Sacred Heart College have provided the facilities to house and support the running of the Grihini Program, as well as advice about the social situation in which the Grihini women life. Several Sacred Heart fathers have been directors of the Grihini Program from time to time. Past Sponsors Past sponsors include: Partners in Mission, International (USA) Lutheran World Federation (Geneva) Australian Development Assistance Bureau Flinders University, Adelaide Individuals in America and Australia


Sponsorship means:

  • You have the expectation that a young woman from a poor and remote village will gain fresh confidence, a vocational diploma and the skills needed to obtain meaningful work and improve her quality of life.
  • You have the assurance that you are supporting women as they face the challenges of social oppression and marginalisation and seek to achieve self-fulfilment.


A gift of $500.00 covers the cost of the living and educational costs of one woman for a whole year. A gift of $100.00 covers the educational costs of one woman for a whole year. All gifts forwarded through ALWS are tax deductible.

As a sponsor you may request a copy of

  • The DVD Chellammal: An Untouchable Woman to share with others
  • The anniversary booklet: Grihini: Stories of Hope and Liberation
  • The DVD: Grihini Silver Jubilee

You may wish to complete the following form so it can be submitted directly by email (using the Submit button), or you can print it to send by post.

“I would like to sponsor a young woman for a year in the Grihini Program”