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The Grihni Project (now the Grihini Community College) continues to serve the needs of poor and poorly educated young Dalit and Tribal women from the villages of the remote Palni Hills in South India. The focus of the project has now on women who have reached tenth standard and need the language, confidence and skills required to obtain a diploma that enables them to become employed. For this reason, the Grihini Programme has expanded to become a Community College to provide a wider range of services to reach this end.

Fields in the Palni Hills where Dalit Women Work

Fields in the Palni Hills where Dalit Women Work


The Grihini vision is that women from poor remote rural villages of the Palni Hills will engage in an educational experience and return to their villages with

  • A sense of self-esteem and empowerment
  • A sense of personal worth, potential and humanity
  • Enhanced social literacy to understand what it is that contributes to their social marginalisation and poverty
  • A consciousness of justice and human rights
  • Improved literacy and numeracy
  • A capacity to save and handle money responsibly
  • The skills to generate an independent income
  • An awareness of the value of women’s support networks
  • A knowledge of the support programs offered by their government and the skills to access them
  • The motivation to become agents of change in the village
  • An understanding of how to improve village health
  • The ability to handle public opposition to social change


The New Curriculum

Education Streams

The Grihini Community College program now has four major streams each with about 12 students, namely,

Office Management
Computer Application
Fashion Garment Designing
Multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Grihini Community College is to provide education appropriate to the needs of the poor, marginalised and poorly educated Dalit, repatriates from Sri Lanka and Tribal young women of the villages in the Palni Hills so that they will be able to improve both conditions in their villages and find suitable employment.

Motto: The motto of our Community college is “Fit for life, fit for job and be happy”. Our Grihini formation and awareness is imparted to the students through various activities and classes. The students are highly motivated and very enthusiastic to learn.

An awareness poster depicting oppression of women

An awareness poster depicting oppression of women

The major objectives of the current program are

  • To recruit poor women with education up to 10th standard
  • To provide basic education in life and communication skills including basic English
  • To provide practical skills in specific areas appropriate to the context, including garment design and office management
  • To enable these women to reach the level to obtain a diploma
  • To enable theses women to have the skills to obtain employment
  • To empower the women to become agents of change in poor villages.
  • To offer a specialised programs in multi-discipline rehabilitation for people living with disabilities.

Activities and Outputs

Diplomas: Our students will be awarded with diplomas by accredited national bodies.

Computer Lab: A state of the art computer lab has been constructed to enable all students to become computer literate. All the computers have broad band internet connection.

Project Work: The College will arrange suitable venues for project work related to the specialist skills being gained.

Placement: One of the major commitments of the new Community College is that it will help find placement for all the students upon their successful completion of the course.